Enhance security operations with the iSecure360 Guard Tour module, revolutionizing patrol management with its advanced features. Seamlessly track and monitor guard patrols in real-time, ensuring comprehensive coverage and heightened security levels across your premises. With customizable patrol routes and checkpoints, supervisors can design optimized patrol paths tailored to specific security needs. Real-time alerts and notifications keep supervisors informed of any deviations or incidents, allowing for swift response and resolution. Additionally, detailed patrol logs and reports provide valuable insights into patrol activities, ensuring accountability and compliance with security protocols. Empower your security team with the iSecure360 Guard Tour module, ensuring unparalleled protection for your facility.

  • Real-time Monitoring of patrol duty (4G/5G network)
  • Patrolling Route to can be set to be in sequence.
  • Remarks for skipped points.
  • Easy set-up for checkpoints and routes.
  • Consistent checkpoints with real-time monitoring
  • All NFC chips have unique serial ID. Never miss out a checkpoint again.


  • Prevents Timestamp Manipulation: Utilizes NFC chips with unique serial IDs to prevent manipulation of patrol timestamps, ensuring accuracy and integrity of data.
  • Centralized Monitoring: Headquarters can easily monitor patrols across all sites in real-time, enabling proactive intervention if officers fail to perform their duties.
  • Robust Performance: Works reliably even in areas with poor network signals, ensuring continuous patrol monitoring regardless of location.
  • Sequential Patrol Enforcement: Enforces patrol routes in sequence, preventing officers from skipping patrol points unnecessarily and reducing instances of liquidated damages.
  • Convenient Report Download: Reports can be downloaded via the web at any time, saving time compared to transferring data from traditional clocking devices.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Improves productivity by more than 35% through streamlined patrol management and automated reporting processes.