Streamline your workforce management processes effortlessly with the iSecure360 Attendance Module. This feature-rich tool empowers administrators to efficiently track and manage attendance, ensuring accurate records and enhancing accountability across the board. With its user-friendly interface, employees can easily clock in and out, while supervisors gain real-time insights into attendance patterns. From monitoring late arrivals to tracking overtime, the iSecure360 Attendance Module offers comprehensive solutions tailored to your organizational needs. Say goodbye to manual attendance tracking and embrace a more efficient, automated approach with iSecure360.

  • Capture server time for accurate timing
  • Alert supervisor when there is a shortfall
  • Remote supervision on back-end
  • Report Generation in PDF format

Electronic Attendance Tracking

Real-time attendance taking that is linked to location & alert supervisor when there is manpower shortfall.


  • Ensure Data Integrity: Timestamps utilize server time, guaranteeing accuracy and reliability of attendance records.
  • Improve Response Time: Quickly address staffing shortfalls with faster response times, ensuring optimal workforce management.
  • Eliminate Timesheet Usage: Say goodbye to cumbersome timesheets for calculating actual working hours, streamlining administrative processes.
  • Save Time and Manpower: Effortlessly collect and consolidate timesheets, saving valuable time and reducing manpower requirements.
  • Instant Report Generation: Generate comprehensive reports instantly for clients upon request, enhancing transparency and client satisfaction.